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Blog: COVID – the mental & emotional aspects

COVID – the mental & emotional aspects

Humans aren’t emotionally equipped to withstand long periods of uncertainty so it’s not at all surprising that many of us are feeling ‘vaguely out of sorts’ and a sense of ‘groundlessness’. We can’t quite put our finger on what’s wrong but we’re living with a sense of dis-ease and dis-comfort in the background.

With the future so uncertain, there’s a feeling of ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’ and with that a sense of anticipatory anxiety and even dread.

While homeopathy delivers excellent results for physical ailments, it can be just as effective when it comes to mental and emotional conditions.

  • Uncertainty – while the Pegasus GASTRIC PLUS 30C is applicable for symptoms of bloating, acid reflux/heartburn, indigestion and even low grade nausea, it’s equally as effective for symptoms of  anticipatory anxiety, nervousness and apprehension. 
  • Anxiety – In the moment ‘butterflies in the tummy’ sensations caused by financial stress, being unsure what or who to believe or fear with so many conflicting narratives out there, Pegasus CALMING 30C soothes and calms frayed nerves without causing drowsiness.  Pegasus SLEEP 30C settles an overactive/busy mind, helping  to re-establish a healthy sleep pattern. Pegasus LIVER 30C is a superb remedy for business stress and burnout.
  • Depression – there are so many contributing factors currently to feelings of depression and hopelessness. The Pegasus T.R.S.200C (Trauma, Rescue & Shock) remedy contains Hypericum  – known as the ‘Arnica of the Nerves’, while Ignatia, is the chief grief remedy and wonderful for separation anxiety – for example not being able to physically be with loved ones due to lock down conditionsConsider incorporating Sceletium 100mg, a herbal remedy which enhances ‘mood upliftment’, as well as a medicinal CBD/Cannabinoid. 

COVID – Strengthening Your Immune System

When it comes to your immune system, prevention is better than cure. Much can be attributed to what thoughts and beliefs you entertain and its helpful to reduce any fear you may have by understanding that Covid-19 is just one of the many Corona viruses that have been with humanity for eons.

Stress and fear will weaken your immune system, so try to reduce these negative energies through intentional exercise (DON’T wear a mask while doing so!), meditating, spending time with family & friends, getting out into nature and consider spending less time paying attention to the ‘media hype’.  Sleep is a wonderful restorer of energy and mood. Strive for 7-8 hours of sleep.

Support your immune system with the Pegasus Viral Protocol which comprises 3-in-1 remedies:

  1. Pegasus I.D.R.Tincture (Immune Defence Remedy) – a powerful herbal immune stimulant 
  2. Pegasus Immune Defence 6C – a remedy which subtly modulates one’s immune system
  3. Pegasus Anti-Virabac 200C – a homeopathic natural ‘antibiotic’ for both viral & bacterial infections.

Other useful supplements are: 

  1. Zinc (about 20mg daily)
  2. Vit D (about 4000iu daily)
  3. Vit C (1000 mg daily)

Eat as healthily as possible – avoid acid forming foods/drinks and drink sufficient water (add lemon/lime to promote alkalinity in the body).Grapefruit will also enhance alkalinity and thus promote a healthy metabolism.