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What is your gut telling you

  Stress and its Effects on the Body (A Metabolic Balancing) Many of us are living in the most stressful times we have ever known. We are surrounded by so much fear propaganda, many unknowns, misinformation, disinformation, economic uncertainties, lockdowns with its...

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Allergies Hayfever or Sinus

  Goodbye winter! Hello Spring! For many, Spring is exciting – there’s the energy of new growth and summer days ahead. But for others, it’s a time of misery, as they suffer through red, watering eyes and itchy noses, and sneezing multiple times...

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Nebuliser with Herbal Solution

Using Herbal Antiseptic Solution for Nebuliser or Vaporiser Here’s a great tip for easing respiratory symptoms… Our Herbal Antiseptic Solution is mostly used for topical application to wounds such as cuts, scratches, abrasions, puncture wounds, minor burns...

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COVID – the mental & emotional aspects

COVID – the mental & emotional aspects Humans aren’t emotionally equipped to withstand long periods of uncertainty so it’s not at all surprising that many of us are feeling ‘vaguely out of sorts’ and a sense of...

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Travelling light with peace of mind

Travelling light with peace of mind We’ve collectively been through so much this year – needing to be resolute in the face of fear and steadfast in the face of the uncertain future. Life has been tough for many of us – but not impossible. We can...

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THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF The truth is, we are amazingly created with innate healing/restorative abilities. We must just learn to’ listen’ to what our bodies are telling us through our symptoms, to enable us to live healthier lives. All the symptoms of stress are...

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