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We’re looking this month at water imbalance – either too much or too little in the body. At this time of the year, especially if a lot of time is spent outdoors eg: playing sport in the sun, De-hydration is a very real threat and needs to be taken seriously.

Water is the largest single constituent of the body.

It represents 60-74% of the body weight( depending on age, gender and body fat) Body Fluids maintain the balance between the different fluid departments.

Body fluids refer to the body’s water in which electrolytes are dissolved.(Described as the sea within)

The function of electrolytes is to conduct energy, regulate fluid balance, transport nutrients, support proper muscle function, support mental function and bonus! convert calories into energy.

Pegasus FLUID IMBALANCE 6C helps to re-distribute fluids throughout the body. Should diuresis (fluid loss) be required, it will have a diuretic effect. Otherwise, it will hold on to water, distributing it as needed, to the critical organs. Useful for fluid retention or oedema, swollen feet during flights as well as for dehydration due to vomiting & diarrhoea, profuse sweating, heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

So, whether there’s too much or too little water, FLUID IMBALANCE 6C will bring it back to homeostasis, distributing the fluid to where ever it’s meant to be.

It’s imperative to take this remedy in conjunction with the Pegasus MIGRAINE 30C remedy. This helps to re distribute any excess fluid behind the eyes, hydrating the patient and releasing the pressure which contributes to the headache typical of dehydration. FLUID IMBALANCE 6C also assists in the Acid/Alkali balance in the body, allowing for optimal metabolic body function.

“How will I know if my child, who does a lot of sport in the heat, is dehydrated?”

This is a question that comes up often from concerned moms and dads of sporting children. Here are some helpful key indicators to look out for:

  • Dark urine

  • Muscle spasms and weakness

  • Headache, dizziness and confusion

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Nausea and a dry ‘cottony’ mouth.


Some sensible precautions to take are to encourage your child to drink water often while doing sport, apply sunscreen and to wear a hat. Remember, when using homeopathic remedies, the remedy will only do exactly what is needed- you cannot overdose, it simply sends the relevant message to your body telling it how to correct itself. FLUID IMBALANCE 6C sends the message: ‘your waterworks are out of balance’ – and then goes to work to restore that balance once more.

Be well, until next time.