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A natural remedy to help you fall asleep at night is PEGASUS SLEEP 30C – it’s easy, safe and effective. It won’t interact with any other medication you may be taking and it is so safe it can even be given to infants and be taken during pregnancy.

SLEEP 30C  is a very useful remedy for those who struggle with an overactive mind at night (monkey mind)  😊  Also helpful for students who experience an over-stimulated mind while studying, or for soothing children having nightmares.

One dose (man or mouse one dose remains one dose) = 3-5 pillules sucked under the tongue ( best absorption takes place  in the mucosa of the mouth)  For optimum absorption a clean mouth is required ( so stay clear of strong flavours like toothpaste, coffee, alcohol, smoking)

Start dosing after dinner, dose every hour until bedtime – at least 3 doses before bedtime. Continue dosing for 5-7 nights if required to re-establish a healthy sleep routine. If you wake up at night – as many people do – just take one dose again. Each dose is reaffirming the message to your body to sleep. The sleep remedy is designed to assist your body in restoring a normal, healthy sleep pattern. It ‘quietens’ the busy mind in either child or adult.

Unlike with prescription sleep medication, you won’t feel drugged or drowsy when you wake up but refreshed and energised.

Supplement the sleep remedy with minerals which calm and relax such as calcium and magnesium and take a daily dose at night.

Do not dose continuously for longer than 7 days. If further treatment is required, consult a homeopath or health practitioner.