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Here’s our answer to a customer question:


“I battle with work stress! During the weekend I am quite relaxed but during the week I battle to cope – trying to keep all the balls in the air! I sleep ok but just feel very stressed and irritable during the week. Once I am home and go cycling and  do other fun outdoor activities with my family , I feel fine. What will help me manage during the work week? “
Consider taking the PEGASUS LIVER 30C remedy during the week- just one dose at night before you go to bed. A component of the liver remedy is  Nux vormica 200c which is the ideal remedy for what you describe.  It fits the picture of the typical ‘type A’ personality i.e. workaholic who also plays hard, with a ‘hangover’ and irritable mood the next day. This personality tends to resort to stimulants to cope with the hectic lifestyle, (coffee, pep up chemicals and alcohol, which in excess impacts on your liver where your energy is stored)


This remedy helps to de-stress so you should feel more in control when using it – combine it with exercise and deep breathing exercises to help your body to cope more effectively with stress.


Dosage: 3- 5 pillules under the tongue, 15 minutes just once before dinner.