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Our specially formulated 9-remedy MATERNITY/LABOUR KIT includes the following remedies to assist with post-partum conditions that you may encounter:


The POST-NATAL Remedy 6C: is the Ideal post-birth treatment dealing with any physical ‘trauma’ such as bruising, swelling, inflammation and bleeding, (whether post natural birth or caesarean section) It’s also an excellent remedy for where a nerve rich area has been cut. episiotomy, peri-urethral tears, pain from urinary catheter insertion or epidural placement. 


The POST-NATAL BLUES Remedy 200C: deals with EMOTIONAL upset/‘trauma’ such as post natal depression, shock, grief & general ‘stress’ of coping.

The HAEMATONIC Remedy 30C:  revives a low ‘vital force’ and acts as a blood tonic, where exhaustion from a prolonged labour with loss of fluids has occurred. It’s excellent in recuperation especially as it aids with assimilation of iron into the system.

The LACTATION Remedy 6C: Aids in the stimulation of breast milk production, enhances quality thereof too. 

The MASTITIS Remedy 30C: aids with inflammation, pain, engorgement and general discomfort in both breasts and nipples. 

The RENEWAL OIL: a TOPICAL OIL, combining pure tissue oil with natural herbal extracts, toning, rehydrating and  feeding the skin, promoting elasticity pre- birth and healing post-birth,  for application pre and post birth, to the perineum and stretch marks.