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One thing is for sure, we’ve been having some very strange weather lately! Just when you think it’s getting warmer again and you think winter is now almost over…you get a wet, cold spell or two. Well, it’s exactly the same with cold and flu…you don’t have any symptoms and suddenly ‘Atishoooo!’

Sneezing is your body’s way of telling you a full blown cold ( and flu) is on the way! But not to worry Cold and flu as featured last month works wonders. At the first symptom, suck 3-5 pillules, dose every hour for 3 doses,then every 2-4 hours until relief is obtained. It’s also a good idea to increase your fluid intake and to take some extra Vitamin C.

If you battle to sleep at night due to a blocked nose use Muco-Drainol 30c to help you breathe through your nose (and not your mouth). As the name suggests,this remedy helps to drain mucus wherever it lies- nasal passages, nasal sinuses as well as the ears,thus easing sinus congestion and the ‘snotty nose’ syndrome in children where painful blocked ears are a problem. If you have mucus on your chest, it will help to thin the mucus so that it is easier to cough it up.


SINUS 30c & THROAT 200c Battling with blocked sinuses? The Sinus 30c remedy works well (it takes just 30 minutes to kick in) helping with the constant clearing of the throat due to a post nasal drip and the headache will also disappear in the same amount of time.

If your throat starts to hurt when you swallow, that’s the best time to start using Throat 200c remedy. If you’ve left it until you can barely swallow and your throat looks like a red robot inside, you need to add Anti-Virabac 200c as well for best results. (see our Remedy of the Month below)

Think of each dose as a message to the body telling it to initiate healing rather than as a medication. It is the body itself that does the healing. Most mainstream medications only suppress the symptoms. With the understanding that each dose is a message,you need to let the first remedy get to its ‘destination’ and then wait about for 2 hours before dosing with the next remedy. Stop dosing when symptoms resolve. I know it can sound like a lot of remedies, but keep in mind that each bottle contains 600 pilulles and you should only take about 3-5 at a time so the remedy will last for a long time and EVERYBODY in the family can use it, baby, pregnant Mommy, Daddy ( and while it’s very safe for pregnant mommies, you don’t have to be pregnant to use it 🙂 Even your animals can use the remedies. (Use the Sinus 30c for parrots with sinus problems. It really works well!)

ANTI-VIRABAC 200c If you already have an infection you need to take Anti-virabac 200c to help you clear up the infection. It’s a homeopathic ‘antibiotic’ for use in viral and bacterial infections, that is best implemented at the earliest stage of the infection and is perfectly safe for use in penicillin-allergic individuals. If you’re taking it with multiple other remedies, remember never to take all the remedies together- don’t use more than 3 remedies per day and when you dose ( whether it is a man or mouse- same amount of pillules ( 3-5) in your mouth, under your tongue .it will dissolve quickly and works most effectively that way.

While Winter is traditionally cold and flu season, each season has its positive side too. Think cocooning in front of the fire, hot water bottles, nourishing soups and hearty stews & warm puddings! This is your opportunity to ask me any questions you like about homeopathy or about how to use the remedies.

Email me here – I welcome your questions!

Yours in homeopathic health!