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Many of us experience sinus symptoms without realising it’s as a result of a sinus infection. 


If you have a continual ‘scratch’ in your throat and you have the constant urge to “clear” your throat or you’re frequently ‘hawking’ (probably much to the irritation of the person working right next to you or your partner) it is a telltale sign that you actually have a sinus problem.


SINUS 30C is specifically made to address what is known as a ‘post-nasal drip’ which is causing the constant throat-clearing. It will also relieve the “thick” feeling you have in your head, nose and sinus cavities. Best results are obtained when alternating MUCO DRAINOL 30Cand SINUS 30C.


Remember that it’s possible to take two remedies for different conditions, just not at the same time, Always dose an hour or so apart. Remember – each remedy is a MESSAGE to your body and you don’t want to send confusing messages.


Along with a postnasal drip, it’s common to have throat infections.  The Pegasus THROAT 200C remedy is very helpful in resolving a painful, inflamed throat.