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Pegasus Homeopathics is proud to announce that we are about to launch a range for your best friend! PEGASUS PETS. It will happen in the next few weeks so keep your eyes and ears open!

PEGASUS PETS will be available through your local Pharmacy. If for some reason your local pharmacy does not have stock, please do ask them to order it for you. (Tell your pharmacy that The Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, Countrywide stock the range)

Unlock your travel dreams at the Getaway Expo happening at the TicketPro Dome in Gauteng. Book the dates 23rd – 25th September. Be sure to visit us to get the Blue Box™ at the special show price of just R600.00 (normal price R799.00!)

You’ll also be able to purchase our travel size remedies for R50 (that’s just R1 a dose) so you can replace broken, lost or ‘given away’ bottles within your blue box kit. The 25mg bottles will be sold at R100 (for 150 doses) normally R120 in the stores. Buy 3 x 25g bottles and you’ll get them for R80.00 each. This is BRILLIANT value! And remember, they are excellent value because they never expire. The perfect travel companions.

Here’s a fabulous testimonial submitted by Trudie. She tells us the following story:

“Recently my sheepdog Jock was bitten ( through the palisade gate!) He bled soooo much. I phoned the vet ( just after returning home after work on a Friday afternoon. The message on the Vet’s answering machine said we need to go to Nelspruit if we need a vet ) 45 minutes drive….my poor dog was bleeding so much, I phoned a friend nearby to help to stop the bleeding while I got the remedies needed ready.

I used Pegasus herbal antiseptic solution to disinfect the wound and then gave trauma,rescue,shock, then injury(fantastic to numb the pain and help the wound to heal more quickly) I also gave him bites,

The next day I gave anti-virabac, bites and injury. Over the following couple of days I only gave anti-virabac twice a day and Jock healed completely! Healthy and happy!

I have complete confidence in the Pegasus range and KNOW it works well, not only for humans, and that it’s completely safe for pregnant ladies and babies but also for animals. I’ve “doctored” a lot of animals while I stayed on a farm a couple of years ago and they all recovered wonderfully well just on Pegasus remedies!”

Thank you Trudie for sharing your inspiring story. Look at the pics Trudie sent in of Jock and how beautifully he’s recovered.

This month we’re looking at:

Pegasus herbal antiseptic solution (TOPICAL)
The only remedy in the range that is in liquid form ( not to be taken orally) this wonderful,concentrated healing antiseptic solution with its anti- inflammatory and and anti-fungal properties is great to use for application to wounds such as soft tissue trauma,lacerations,scratches,abrasions,puncture wounds and even varicose ulcers. May sting slightly for a short while but is incredibly soothing and healing.

The herbal solution is made of the following ingredients:

1. Calendula officinalis
Mother tincture of the Marigold plant) This amazing healing herb has astringent,antiseptic,anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Germs will not thrive in its presence and even offensive,purulent discharges become clean within 2-3 days.

2. Hypericum perforatum
(St John’s Wort tincture) herbal This herb has astringent,anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties. It specifically relieves the pain associated with injured nerves.Good for puncture wounds and may prevent tetanus if applied to these wounds.

3. Colloidal silver 
A 20% solution has effective anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is non-toxic.

Until next month, stay well and healthy!

& The Pegasus Team
Homeopathic Pharmacist B.Pharm (Rhodes) MPS
& The Pegasus Team