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Seriously? Homeopathy for pets?!

I have a friend who’s never used Homeopathic remedies before and he said to me, “ Those ‘pilletjies’? It’s just all in your head!”

I replied “Well, please don’t tell my animals that because those ‘pilletjies’ work so well for them!“

Maybe you’ve never thought of giving Homeopathic remedies to your pets? When it comes to medication, it’s difficult to remember what they can’t and can have – is it dogs or cats who can’t take paracetamol or aspirin? It’s confusing!

Now, with Homeopathic remedies it’s just soooo much easier! It is 100% safe, easy and effective – be it your dog, cat, parrot, hamster, horse or chicken…. they can all use it!

Homeopathics works by simply sending a message to the body to get things working in balance again and back in sync.

We are wonderfully made and homeopathics helps the body to start with the healing/ restoring process needed, naturally.

So with that said, Pegasus Homeopathics is proud to announce that we are about to launch a brand new range for your best friend! PEGASUS PETS! Coming soon in a few weeks’ time, Pegasus for Pets will be available through your local pharmacy and pet shops soon!

If you would like to book a talk contact us, call Trudie v d Linde on +27 82 897 5255 or email her on[email protected] to arrange.

Just to whet your appetite! Some of the remedies in our new Pets range include:

  • Aggression
  • Kennel cough
  • Injury
  • Dermatitis
  • Fracture/Osteo
  • Snuffels complex
  • Travel sickness
  • Trauma,RESCUE,shock

Watch the space for all the remedies! Please send us any questions you might want to ask about our new range and look out for it in the next few weeks in retailers near you!


Warm Regards

& The Pegasus Team
Homeopathic Pharmacist B.Pharm (Rhodes) MPS