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The Blue Box™is your ideal travel companion- so if you’re going away for the holiday, no need to worry about pharmacies not being open at night, with the Blue Box™you can sort out ailments in as little as 3 doses! 

So which remedies do parents use the most for their babies?

  • Anti-spasm ( great for cramps/colic)
  • Calming ( separation anxiety / skeidings angst
  • Constipation ( especially when you travel)
  • Sleep ( if they find it difficult to sleep in a new/ strange environment)
  • Teething,pain and fever ( soothes a restless child- useful in childhood fevers)
  • Sting ( sunburn, insect stings, bites, bluebottle sting)
  • Vertigo,morning and travel sickness ( less “oepsies” in the car due to travel sickness. ( also great for your pets when  they travel with you)

 Remember that Pegasus Homeopathics is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy but you don’t have to be pregnant to use it – the whole FAMILY can use Pegasus remedies- safely, easily and effectively with NO side effects.

It’s incredibly easy to dose your children with 4-5 pillules under the tongue. Toddlers and kids enjoy them as they are slightly sweet. For small babies you can dissolve the pillules ( 4-5) in water and give it to them in a dinky feeder/ bottle. 

Please remember to give your Pets t.r.s (trauma,rescue,shock) when there is thunder and lightning as well as fireworks.( If you are not going to be at home over the New year’s day – fill a 2l water container and add about 8 doses ( about 30+ pillules) so your dogs can drink it during the time when they are alone and scared. It will help them to cope better with the devastating effects of fireworks. It’s also excellent for SEPARATION ANXIETY, when your animals are left at home wiht a carer or sent to kennels. 
You can’t get stuck wondering which remedy to give either – the booklet in the Blue Box™is very handy as well, guiding you quickly and easily to the correct remedy. It’s your pharmacy in a box!


Safe holiday travels everyone!