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Let’s not forget your fur babies when it comes to helping them stay calm and stress-free. Our pets experience stress and anxiety too and will pick up on the emotional energy in the home if there are stressful events happening in your family and around you. 

Pets’ calming 30C is an excellent remedy to give your pets if there’s an imminent vet visit coming up, or if they get nervous about travelling.  If your pets get anxious in thunderstorms or the forthcoming Guy Fawkes or New Year’s fireworks, this is the perfect remedy.


Another remedy to consider for your sensitive pets is t.r.s 200c (trauma, rescue, shock) for ‘in the moment’ stress.  Give calming 30C for impending stress for example before a vet visit or before the storm (before the paw-paw hits the fan as we like to say!)   and then t.r.s 200c when they’re in the moment of stress for example when the fireworks are going off (after the paw-paw has hit the fan! )  

We live in stressful times, especially in our beautiful country where there is so much volatility, uncertainty and complexity. Pegasus Homeopathics is here to help you take care of the health of your family and your pets in the best way possible to meet the daily challenges of life!