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We’ve got a jam-packed blog for you this month with lots of exciting announcements! Of course we’re super-excited to finally have Pegasus Pets on the shelves! You’ll find us at Dischem and many independent pharmacies near you! We tell you everything you need to know about the range in a video that gives you all the details. Find it below!

We’ll be at the Telkom 947 Cycle challenge at The Dome in Johannesburg on Saturday 18 November (the actual race is on 19 November).

And find us at the final Mama Magic show of 2017 in Johannesburg 30 November-3 the Ticketpro Dome. Come and visit us and get your Blue Box™ for only R700 ( retail price R899)

Make a list of those remedies you’ve used up and come and buy a refill (25g bottle) for only R100 ( 150 doses) and the travel size remedy for R50 ( 50 doses). The Blue Box™ is the ideal gift for the Mother to be…she can use it through her pregnancy and also for her newborn baby…. safe, easy and effective.

Whoooo-hooo! WE’RE ON AIR! I had a fabulous chat with livewire Saskia V on Mix 93.8 FM in Gauteng recently on her Lunchtime Live Show at 12 30pm. We will be talking about all things homeopathic including homeopathy and our pets every Monday and Wednesday for the next 2 months at 12:30pm! On Mondays I’ll be discussing specific ailments and which homeopathy remedies are most helpful and on Wednesdays Saskia and I will be chatting about general homeopathy principles and educating listeners on how it works. I’m also going to be on Magic828AM in Cape Town. Next Monday 20th November I’ll be focussing on allergies. Tune in here: I’ll catch you on air!

This month we’re focusing on keeping your pets calmrelaxed and soothed.

Pegasus Calming is the ideal remedy to use if your dog has to go to the parlour, kennels or vet. Especially if your pet doesn’t like travelling. The calming remedy will help to make the stressful experience bearable, If your dog responds to stress with nausea or suffers from travel sickness, Pegasus n.v.t (nausea, vomiting & vertigo) is an excellent remedy for nausea associated with motion.

With summer storms coming up in the highveld, if thunder and lightning (or any other loud noise) upsets your pet so much that he or she hyperventilates, run aways, pants and hides in small and strange places, then give your petPegasus trs (trauma, rescue, shock). This will help him or her her through any traumatic event. (for example the loss of another animal in the home or the loss of the owner or close family member). Your animals mourn too!

Summer and heat can bring about some skin allergies as well. Pegasus dermatitis complex is helpful for soothing general skin conditions, including mange, dermatitis, eczema, dry unhealthy stinging, itching & burning skin.

Finally, check out our training guide video here. In this video I guide you through each pet remedy, what conditions it treats and what it can do for your pets. We’d be so delighted if you would give it a thumbs up and leave a comment!

Until next month, stay well and healthy!

Homeopathic Pharmacist B.Pharm (Rhodes) MPS
& The Pegasus Team