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Blog: Feeling “Burned Out”? We’ve got you.

Feeling “Burned Out”? We’ve got you.


It’s well known that in the face of a perceived threatening situation (job interview, prepping for a presentation, meeting and completing year end deadlines, difficult conversation, a near-accident), our anxiety triggers the body to produce stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.  

Our heart rate and breathing increases, our blood pressure is raised, we get pale or flushed, our pupils dilate for better vision and we may tremble (muscles tensed for action). All these bodily responses help to prepare us to fight or flee danger.

However, when once the environmental threats were physical (running away from or fighting with a large animal who wants you for dinner), today’s threats are far more likely to be psychological and emotional. Moreover, they can be prolonged, resulting in ‘out of character’ behaviour where you find yourself being snappy, irritable for ‘no good reason’ and easily triggered into anger. You don’t ‘feel yourself’.

When excess stress hormones are released too often, your stress response forgets how to shut down. Your stress gains traction and suddenly you’re caught in a chronic cycle. This is known as over-adrenalization.

Pegasus Homeopathics is excellent for physical symptoms but it’s just as effective for mental and emotional symptoms and can help calm the nervous system during stressful times.



As the year draws to a close, we’re under pressure to finish projects, wind up work, our children study for and write exams, we’re planning holidays and social events.

It’s at this time that Pegasus calming 30C can assist by helping you gain a state of mind that gives you the best chance of success.  This remedy takes the edge off stressful situations, helping to calm and steady your nervous system allowing you to focus and cope.

Calming 30C contains many of the elements in herbal remedies such as passiflora and valerian but in homeopathic doses. Calming 30C also contains chamomilla  (referred to as the ‘opium of homeopathy’) . The wonderful thing about Calming 30C however, is that it calms and relaxes in a way which still allows you to be mentally sharp and focused when taken in the day time; and only induces ‘sleepiness’ when taken at night with the intention to sleep.

It’s effective even for severe anxiety and panic attacks, is non-habit forming and won’t make you feel drowsy as a side effect. Because homeopathy always strives to heal the underlying CAUSE, patients with panic attacks, after using the remedy for 2-3 episodes, no longer get the attacks…or in a much milder way.

If you’re prickly for no reason, finding yourself being irritable over minor events and feeling overwhelmed, then the Pegasus liver 30C  is very beneficial at this time.  Nux vomica 200C is a component of this remedy, and is especially helpful to the typical Type A personality type, usually a workaholic who also plays hard and resorts to stimulants such as caffeine to ‘pep up’ and alcohol to ‘reduce stress’ and sleep. Ideal for ‘Business Stress/Burnout’.

Liver 30C  works well in conjunction with Pegasus Sleep 30C for those struggling with feeling exhausted, restless sleep and insomnia. 

The Sleep 30C remedy is useful for all kinds of insomnia whether due to anxiety and worry, over-work, excessive mind-busyness or nervous exhaustion.

Best of all, you won’t wake up groggy and leaden as with many over-the-counter sleep medications.



Gastric Plus 30C relieves the kind of fear brought about through apprehension and nervousness.  When our tummies express our stress, Gastric Plus 30C relieves symptoms of indigestion, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) having a bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, vomiting and headaches…even aids in stomach ulcer healing.



For acutely stressful situations, this remedy is the ideal emergency treatment.  It assists with physical trauma and shock as well the emotional aspect of any shock situation such as accidents, emotional upset and grief.

Also good for separation anxiety.



Of course your fur babies have emotions and feelings too! Your pets are often barometers of what’s going on in your home, and if there are stressful events happening in your family, your pets will pick up on the emotional energy in the home too.

Pets’ calming 30C  is an excellent remedy to give your pets if there’s an imminent vet visit or off to the groomers experience or, if they get nervous about travelling.

Leaving pets in kennels or with a pet-sitter when you go away can cause upset and ‘separation anxiety’ in your pets.  They can’t talk to anyone, they don’t know what’s happened. All they know is their beloved owner has disappeared.

With Guy Fawkes coming up, fire crackers and fireworks can be frightening for your pets and cause ‘in the moment stress’ for them.  Thunder and lightening will have a similar effect.  

Take some trs 200C ( trauma, rescue, shock) and put about 20- 30 pillules in a 2l ice cream container and let them drink only from that bowl. This is effective  for 12 hours.

We all need some stress in our lives to motivate us into action or develop ourselves and grow. However, stress to the point of feeling overwhelmed and panicky can be debilitating.  There are natural, effective and safe remedies for this.