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Your body is amazingly made – it ‘warns’ you when you are coming down with something….so next time you sneeze,  know that a cold or flu is on its way unless you act fast! Reach for your box of tissues by all means, but also reach for your COLDS & FLU 30C. This is a homeopathic remedy for a typical head cold and flu symptoms such as:

  • headache
  • thick, stuffy head and nose
  • body aches
  • runny nose
  • fever etc.


This remedy can safely be taken in conditions where regular cold and flu medication is contra-indicated for example with high blood pressure.


Alternate with the Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE 30C and take 1000mg Vitamin C twice daily. 


Use MUCO DRAINOL 30C to help drain mucus (especially children under 6 years of age and even newborn infants, where ear tubules, sinus and chest cavities are small and congestive pain will be painful and infection may take hold), This will ease sinus, congestion and the snotty nose syndrome in children where painful blocked ears can be a problem.


It is also very effective for mucus on the chest where the remedy helps to thin the mucus, so it is easier to cough up and expel i.e. for ‘ ‘wet’ coughs with much phlegm or mucus and postnasal drip. The remedy also reduces mucus in the throat that is difficult to clear.