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Blog: Helpful Pregnancy and Birth Interventions


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Some people believe that homeopathic remedies during pregnancy and child birth are only for those moms choosing natural childbirth. This simply isn’t the case and we want to set the record straight.  Whatever your birth plan, whether natural birth or caesarean, using the Pegasus Homeopathic Maternity/Labour kit can help to avoid or lessen complications through safe and effective homeopathic interventions.

Midwives and Doulas have confirmed that having homeopathic remedies to hand, has eased and helped to facilitate many births. Read below for more details about each remedy in our Maternity/Labour kit.

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Pegasus Homeopathics has designed the Maternity/labour kit to provide care solutions to mothers at all stages of pregnancy, labour, birth and post-birth and generally avoiding complications.

 V.M.T (Vertigo, Morning and Travel Sickness) is the best remedy for those early months of nausea and morning sickness.

Should the pregnant woman experience emotional issues during her late pregnancy, this can lead to possible uncoordinated contractions. This is where the BIRTHING REMEDY 200c can be of tremendous assistance.

The POSTNATAL REMEDY 6C helps with mental exhaustion and physically (bruising, bleeding, swelling and inflammation) Ideal for post-caesarean section, when a nerve-rich area has been cut.

Blood loss is a natural occurrence during birth. PEGASUS HEAMATONIC 30C acts as a blood tonic having a therapeutic effect on a number of organs (liver, spleen, pancreas) and haemoglobin, the nervous system and general metabolism as it addresses a low vital force. It aids assimilation of elemental iron into the system. Excellent in recuperative situations.

It’s quite common for new moms to experience the “baby blues” especially after an emotional or difficult birth.  The PEGASUS POSTNATAL BLUES  REMEDY 200C Is ideal for post-natal stress disorders including disassociation ( being disconnected or separated from your body and surroundings, feeling a bit ‘floaty’ or not quite present in your body) Often, new mothers  feel overwhelmed and guilty for feeling anything but joy, but it is unfortunately a harsh reality.

Many new mothers mistakenly believe that breastfeeding will just ‘come naturally’ and the baby will automatically breastfeed easily. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is not always as easy as it looks. Some babies battle to latch on and to suck properly – leading to great discomfort and stress for both mom and baby. The LACTATION REMEDY 6C is a homeopathic remedy aiding in milk production and quality of milk.

The Pegasus  MASTITIS 30C remedy relieves symptoms of breast engorgement, pain and inflammation, including nipple discomfort (a very painful situation for a lot of new mothers)

The PEGASUS RENEWAL OIL  is a tissue oil (incorporating arnica, Calendula, Lavender and Rosemary) for topical application to the perineum, pre and post birth to promote skin elasticity – it’s also excellent for healing stretch marks. It can be applied to any scars (such as caesarean, or perineum cuts) to help wounds heal rapidly.


The Pegasus Maternity/Labour kit is EASY, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE as well as COST-EFFECTIVE. There are 50 doses in each 10g bottle.  Use it only as much as you need; whatever is left over does not expire and can be used with your next pregnancy or gifted to a pregnant or nursing friend.  

Maternity Kits are available via Dischem, Wellness Warehouse, leading Pharmacies & Health Shops…and at Baby City outlets countrywide.

The Maternity Kit comes with everything a new (and experienced) mother needs. It makes an excellent gift for newly expectant moms and great for a gender reveal party!