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From Homeopathy restores health by stimulating the body’s own systems of defence and repair. Each dose of the remedy is a message to the body to rectify an imbalance rather than an amount of medication that actively treats the symptom. This explains the initial frequency of dosing. Once the body starts to respond, it means that it is listening to the messages and one reduces the frequency of dosing accordingly. This also explains why dosing is the same for children and for adults.

In acute conditions, some relief of symptoms is often experienced within 3 doses and most often within 12-24 hours. Chronic conditions may require longer for relief to be obtained.

Very often, the first sign that the remedy is working is that of an improved mood, followed by a sense of increasing energy and then an easing of the physical symptoms experienced. Very occasionally, after taking homeopathic remedies, the symptoms experienced may worsen for a short time. This can be a good sign that your body is responding to the remedy and stimulating the healing process. The symptoms should subside as the healing begins. If the symptoms do not subside, seek professional advice from a qualified homeopathic doctor.

Another great benefit of homeopathic remedies is that they will not interact with allopathic/conventional medicines as they both work at different vibrational frequencies. While allopathic drugs treat immediate symptoms effectively (albeit often with side effects), the homeopathic remedies will aid the body in re-balancing and stimulating the intrinsic ability of the body to heal itself with no side effects whatsoever.