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Homeopathy is my passion despite being a practicing Pharmacist for 30 years!  Having embraced homeopathy for the last 25 years, I have been invited by Pharmaceutical faculties around the country, to give their final year Pharmacy students  lectures  on this somewhat ‘ethereal’ modality.


I tell them not to let science ‘blind them’ to the power of the numerous ‘energetic’ healing modalities coming to the fore in recent years.  Inevitably  however, I’m challenged about the fact that Homeopathy has no ‘measureable molecular’ substance, beyond the 12th potency.  The argument then becomes “So surely, this means Homeopathy is purely placebo?”


My response is this: ”if homeopathy is just placebo, how is it possible that the symptomatic picture of an acute condition in an animal or a baby can respond very favourably within just 2-3 doses?”


Dr Neill Gower, who heads up the Homeopathic Faculty at UJ in Johannesburg, can give anyone interested, many trials done to prove SCIENTIFICALLY, the positive workings of Homeopathy.   Have a look at this website for examples.


Any person, particularly ‘science professionals’, should be very wary of making negative public announcements and comments about any healing modality without making an effort to gain an understanding of  its ‘workings’ and positive results.  Just because one can’t  see sound waves, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  


I have owned my pharmacies for 30 years and have two sons aged 24 and 27. Each has only had one treatment of an allopathic antibiotic in their lives (and they were away from me on those occasions!). They have used my Pegasus Anti-virabac 200C in numerous instances of infection – throats, ears, sinuses and toothache –  with great success. It’s simple; Homeopathy works with the body by optimising the body’s immune responses.


Pegasus is designed to treat self-limiting, acute everyday ailments and is complementary  to our allopathic/chemical drugs.


At Pegasus we stress that should a reasonably positive response to symptoms not occur within 3-5 doses, the patient should consult their health practitioner or veterinarian.


Anecdotally, I have seen spider bites, ‘re-occur’/resurface at the very site of the original bite site, 6-12 months later, when treated only allopathically however, where the Pegasus Bites 30C has been administered, the venom has been ‘antidoted’ and the healing is sustained.


Wishing all the very best in health.





Homeopathic Pharmacist B.Pharm (Rhodes) MPS

           & The Pegasus Team