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Holiday from Hell

Have your heard this story? 

A family of 6 goes on holiday on a much-needed getaway up the west coast to a beach house they’ve rented. Within days, one child gets stung by a blue bottle, another gets his thumb slammed in the door, mom sprains an ankle while on a run, dad gets heartburn and the whole family eats something that doesn’t agree with them and the whole lot of them came down with tummy trouble.  

All they had was some aspirin and a few plasters. Maybe it’s happened to you.

It’s certainly happened to us and people we know which is why we created the ‘pharmacy in a box’, our signature BLUE BOX.   

Where the BLUE BOX really shines is as a travelling companion, particularly  when camping or travelling away from your family doctor/homeopath…the 29 remedies will treat over 100 common symptoms and conditions.

The BLUE BOXcomes with a handy little booklet that gives an overview of Homeopathy and the application of the remedies. ( An easy-to-use cross reference at the back of the booklet, will guide you to match remedy to symptom.)

 It’s easy, safe, effective and affordable. There are no side effects, and it’s perfectly safe to use with allopathic medications as well as safe during pregnancy, breast feeding and for the new born infant.

Most importantly, unlike most allopathic drugs which usually treat just the symptom, homeopathy always strives to heal both the symptom as well as the underlying cause


There are 28 remedies in the BLUE BOX plus a topical herbal antiseptic gel, retailing at around R1000 (This works out at just R35.00 per remedy!  Each bottle contains 10g which equates to 50 doses – great value for money.   In addition, these remedies don’t expire which makes the BLUE BOXone of the most cost effective remedy solutions in the market place.


Did you know? 

Homeopathy not only treats symptoms, but also works to shift the underlying reason for the imbalance. This means that using the remedies on a regular basis for a particular ailment eg, chronic recurrent hay fever/ sinus/ migraine will result in fewer episodes, with less intensity as the body is brought into balance. Homeopathic remedies always strive to treat the root cause and not only the symptom. 

To help you even more, the BLUE BOX is nappi coded, meaning you can claim through your medical aid. It will come out of your savings…but think how many visits to the doctor could potentially be avoided.
NB! We stress, that should a favourable response to symptoms not be seen within a reasonable period of time, or presenting symptoms get worse, PLEASE SEE YOUR HEALTH PRACTITIONER SOONEST.


 Some of the most commonly used remedies are –
GASTRIC PLUS 30C – Eaten something too rich or possibly even somewhat ‘off’? This remedy deals with bloating, low grade nausea, belching and acid reflux/heartburn.
INJURY 6C – for any injury; finger slammed in door, muscular spasm, back-ache (alternate with the ANTI-SPASM 200C), dental surgery…attends to both emotional shock of an accident and the physical trauma.
LIVER 30C – ideal for business ‘burn out’ after this long, tough year… as well as ‘festive overindulgence’.
N.V.D 30C – superb ‘travelling’ remedy… Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhoea
STING 30C – the obvious bee, wasp, jelly-fish remedy…but is also a remedy for any burning/stinging sensation, such as sunburn or a hot water scald.
SLEEP 30C – if you’ve had trouble sleeping due to anxiety and stress,  this will aid in re-establishing a healthy sleep pattern.
T.R.S.200C (Trauma, Rescue & Shock)…excellent ‘separation anxiety’ remedy for animals left at home with a carer or kennelled, where they pine or howl as well as for bad news or a shock such as a fall or injury.

The season for gifting is coming up and the Pegasus BLUE BOX (Homeopathic ‘All-in-One’ first aid kit), is the ideal gift for a FAMILY, TRAVELLER and especially PREGNANT WOMEN – as it’s perfectly safe for mothers-to-be. Homeopathic remedies are safe to use from new-borns to the elderly, and even animals respond well!
The BLUE BOXis a lovely gift for a stork tea/ baby shower or a gift for the whole family because EVERYBODY in the family can use it. And it’s a gift that

Be safe! Go well and see you in 2022.