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Just why do we love our Blue Box™ so much?

  • It’s the ideal TRAVEL COMPANION. Small, compact, yet holding 28 remedies -this is the ultimate all-in-one Natural First Aid Kit (Your ‘Pharmacy in a Box’)
  • Our Blue Box™ contains just 28 remedies yet offers solutions for over 100 COMMON AILMENTS and complaints!
  • HOMEOPATHY IS SAFE.  All remedies are perfectly safe for everyone to use: babies, children, pregnant moms-to-be, breastfeeding mothers and patients already on allopathic medicines. You cannot overdose.
  • It’s super SIMPLE & EASY to use and comes with a comprehensive booklet explaining exactly how to use each remedy.(see the cross-references at the back of the booklet)
  • Homeopathic remedies NEVER EXPIRE. No more throwing out expensive medication because they’ve reached their use-by date.
  • The pillules are PLEASANT to take – so children are compliant and respond well to the remedies.
  • At R799 the Blue Box™ remedies work out at R28 per remedy ( 50 doses in one travel size remedy) So VALUE FOR MONEY. If you had to buy the whole range (travel size) The Blue Box™ would cost you R1400!

Our remedy of the month is the Blue Box™ itself!

With all the holidays this month, it’s super-easy to just pack your Blue Box™ and forget about taking fifty different medicines for all the various family ailments:

  • In the event of an emergency/ accident you can use trs (trauma,rescue,shock) to help you over it – and you can add injury an hour later…
  • Nauseous?  Use nvt (nausea,vomiting and diarrhoea) Worried that you are going to become nauseous? Use vmt. ( Vertigo , morning and travel sickness) Neither product will make you sleepy so you can still drive ( bonus!)
  • Battling with constipation, bad indigestion or tummy aches? Use, constipation, gastric plus or anti- spasm.
  • Outdoors? Use sting for ‘sun sting’, insect stings, blue bottle or jelly fish stings.
  • Struggling to sleep in a strange/new place? Use Pegasus sleep for sweet dreams.
  • Sudden bladder infection? Cystitis to your rescue!
  • Throat sore? Use throat and if it is infected already,  add the homeopathic antibiotic anti-virabac
  • Blocked nose? Use muco-drainol.
  • Use sinus remedy for that sinus headache and post-nasal drip.
  • Eating and drinking a bit too much over the holiday period? Use liver  to help your liver to do its job – it acts as a fantastic tonic.
  • Take migraine for the  ultimate headache- you can add fluid–imbalance later to help relieve the build up of fluid behind the eyes during a migraine attack.

And that’s just a small sample of the different complaints and ailments that the Blue Box™ can address.  Go here for a full list of remedies.

“Why do I need to suck the little pillules and not simply chew and swallow them?” 

The pillules are absorbed in the Buccal mucosa/mucus membranes of the mouth and go directly into your blood stream, making the absorption fast and effective. ( If you chew and swallow the pillules, then the remedy would go to your stomach first, and only then would it be released into your blood stream… it will still work, but possibly not as rapidly)

The remedies are high potency which results in a rapid response to the presenting symptoms BUT always attend to the cause and not only the symptoms.

Our vision and mission is to make homeopathy easy and affordable for everyone with the Blue Box™!