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A new life! What wonderful news! Remember the day when you found out you were pregnant, sharing the news with your loved ones? No doubt you felt excitement and awe, but possibly also some trepidation and anticipatory anxiety…?


We’re here to help you through any doubts and anxiety you may be feeling about your pregnancy or the forthcoming birth experience. Our specially formulated MATERNITY/LABOUR KIT provides 9 key remedies for every stage to gently and naturally help you through the stages of pregnancy, labour, birth, post-partum recovery and breastfeeding and is equally effective for natural childbirth or caesarean section.


From the first earliest symptoms of morning sickness you can safely take our V.M.T. 30C remedy for Vertigo, MORNING & Travel sickness. 


The Pregnancy Remedy 12C:   taken from the 30th week in your pregnancy prepares your body for as easy a natural birth as possible by toning the muscles of the cervix and womb. This remedy also aids in engaging a breech baby and is excellent for anticipatory anxiety. 


The Birthing Remedy 200C: taken in the last two weeks of pregnancy to aid induction by ‘ripening’’ the cervix and also aids in rhythmical contractions & dilation.