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January is always associated with new beginnings and resolutions – back to school, back to work, back to gym/ exercising  regularly again ( or perhaps only starting out doing exercise for the first time in a looooong time )

If this is you, we have solutions for any troubles you may run into (pun intended!)


3 Remedies to help with your fitness program

The injury 6C remedy is ideal to use when you start out with your new fitness routine and you’ve over-trained somewhat. (the remedies that make up injury 6C act upon ligaments, tendons & musculature) This makes it very useful for muscle strain, twisted ankles ,bumps, bruises, nerve damage/pinched nerves as in sciatica, tennis elbow, fingers caught in a door, whiplash, coccyx injuries, frozen shoulder etc.

It is easy to use- all the remedies are absorbed in the mouth, then directly into the bloodstream – you don’t need to take it with water, just keep it in your gym bag, it’s easy, safe and effective. There are NO side effects or interaction with other medicines that you might be taking. Arnica, which is a component of the injury remedy, is also useful for any shock associated with an accident or fall.
Anti-spasm 30C –  is another useful remedy to use in the event of any form of spasm/cramping eg. muscular spasm, tummy cramps, menstrual cramping and restless leg syndrome. Where there is a sciatica or lower back issue, alternate with the injury 6C remedy.
Drinking enough water is also very important- especially when it is very warm and you spend a lot of time outdoors – even more so when you are doing cardio vascular exercises.
Fluid-imbalance 6C –  is  a homeopathic remedy that helps to re-distribute and balance fluids throughout the body. It is useful for endurance athletes in prevention & treatment of dehydration., or where a particularly young or older patient has severe vomiting & diarrhoea, to prevent dehydration.

This remedy also alkalizes the body (at a metabolic level) which is useful for after any eating and drinking over-indulgences.  Alcohol and rich food cause acidity, resulting in poor digestion,which leads to bloating, flatulence and general abdominal discomfort. Higher histamine levels will often also occur, resulting in more allergies.


Any exercise is better than none but don’t try to get fit in one or two weeks – start gradually and work on your fitness levels at a steady but constant pace, aiming for regularity rather than intensity.

Regular exercise will leave you feeling energized, healthy and positive as exercise releases ‘feel good hormones’ that will put an extra bounce in your step.