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Blog: Remedies for Body, Mind & Emotional States

Remedies for Body, Mind & Emotional States

Natural Remedies for the Whole Being

The pandemic years have left many of us feeling insecure about our place in the world; we’re in a permanent state of uncertainty and our nervous systems are not built to withstand being in a constant state of ongoing ‘fight, flight or freeze.

The prevalence of mental illness continues to grow worldwide, as people struggle with feelings of ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’ and with that a sense of anticipatory anxiety and even dread.

While homeopathy delivers excellent results for physical ailments, it can be just as effective when it comes to mental and emotional conditions.  It’s gentle yet effective and can help to make you feel calmer and more grounded.

Some remedies to consider

  • For Uncertainty About the Future: while the Pegasus GASTRIC PLUS 30C is applicable for symptoms of bloating, acid reflux/heartburn, indigestion, cramping and even low grade nausea, it’s equally as effective for symptoms of  anticipatory anxiety, nervousness and apprehension. 
  • For Floating Anxiety:  If you’re experiencing ‘in-the-moment-butterflies in-the-tummy’ sensations caused by stressful circumstances such as financial stress or being distressed by current world events, Pegasus CALMING 30C soothes and calms frayed nerves without causing drowsiness. 
  • For Over-Adrenalisation: The release of adrenaline is very necessary for the ‘fight or flight’ reflex, to enable us to cope with daily life, however, when ongoing stress occurs, excess adrenaline converts to nor-adrenaline, which is harmful to many organ systems, generally causing fatigue, nausea and a compromised immune system. Pegasus LIVER 30C is a superb remedy for the ‘A’ type driven go-getter who is suffering from business stress and burnout. 

For Low Feelings of Flatness and Depression: there are so many contributing factors to feelings of depression and hopelessness. The Pegasus T.R.S.200C (Trauma, Rescue & Shock) remedy contains Hypericum  – known as the ‘Arnica of the Nerves’, while Ignatia, is the chief grief remedy (losses of work, way of life, family members) and is very helpful for separation anxiety – for example not being able to physically be with loved ones.  Consider incorporating Sceletium 100mg, a herbal remedy which enhances ‘mood upliftment’, and deals with stress and anxiety.

Strengthening Your Resilience and Ability to ‘Bounce Back’

Stress and fear will weaken your ability to withstand illness, so make every effort to avoid negative energies and thought patterns through intentional exercise meditating, spending quality time with family and friends, getting out into nature and spending less time paying attention to the media. 

The importance of good quality, deep sleep cannot be over-stated. Sleep is a wonderful restorer of energy and mood. Strive for 7-8 hours of sleep. Think of sleep as a way for your brain to de-frag, or detox, much like defragging a computer’s hard drive.  So much physical healing takes place in your body too, during sleep.

For Insomnia: Pegasus SLEEP 30C helps to settle an overactive/busy mind, and assists in re-establishing a healthy, regulated sleep pattern. Consider incorporating a medicinal CBD/Cannabinoids, also excellent for stress and insomnia.

The Pegasus Viral Protocol which comprises 3-in-1 remedies, is specifically designed to support the body’s immune system: 

  1.   Pegasus I.D.R.Tincture (Immune Defence Remedy) – a powerful herbal immune stimulant 
  2. Pegasus Immune Defence 6C – a remedy which subtly modulates one’s immune system
  3. Pegasus Anti-Virabac 200C – a homeopathic natural ‘antibiotic’ for both viral & bacterial infections.

Other useful supplements are: 

  1. Zinc (about 20mg daily)
  2. Vit D (about 4000iu daily)
  3. Vit C (1000 mg daily)

Our health is our responsibility and in our hands. Pegasus Homeopathics offers you an empowered way to stay well by making it easy and safe to find the best remedy for whatever condition is presenting, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Homeopathy serves the whole person.