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Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization and it’s not surprising. In today’s high-speed, high-performance world, it’s easy to get caught up in an unhealthy cycle of being in a chronic state of anxiety and stress.  We resort to caffeine to get going, then find ourselves ‘tired but wired’ and unable to get proper sleep. We wake up exhausted and so the cycle continues.  

There are some common-sense helpful practices such as regular exercise, mindfulness, meditation, being in nature and spending relaxing time with loved ones.  But sometimes, we need to work at a deeper, more holistic level to help manage our stress and anxiety. 

With exams coming up for our matrics, a good vitamin B complex is an excellent place to start as vitamin B is essential for optimal mental health  and managing stress. Vitamin B12 in particular is known as the ‘memory vitamin’ as the brain depends upon it to function well. 

There are many herbal calming remedies which offer a straight forward physiological solution and help to calm anxiety and stress in the moment. However, as with most medications, these address the symptoms only and not the root cause. 

Pegasus calming 30C contains many of the elements in herbal remedies such as passiflora and valerian but in homeopathic doses. calming 30C also contains chamomilla  (referred to as the ‘opium of homeopathy’) . The wonderful thing about calming 30C however, is that it calms and relaxes in a way which still allows you to be mentally sharp and focused when taken in the day time; and only induces ‘sleepiness’ when taken at night with the intention to sleep. 
It does not cause sleepiness, is non-addictive or habit-forming and taken over time, the patient becomes overall less anxious and prone to stress attacks. This is homeopathy at work healing the cause, not just the symptom. 

calming 30C  is an excellent remedy for exams, public speaking, stressful work situations or helping you cope emotionally with a difficult time in general. It’s useful too, in cases of acute anxiety as in panic-attacks. 

It works well in conjunction with sleep 30C for those struggling with restless sleep and insomnia. 

The 25g remedy bottles contains 150 doses. At a retail price of around R129.90 per bottle, that’s an easy, completely natural and affordable way to help you and your family through anxiety and stressful times. (even the cost is stress-free: that’s less that R1 per dose!)