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September comes with a change of season to Spring! All around us we see new green leaves and blossoms emerging everywhere and everybody wants to sing “Spring is in the air”!

Well, the truth is not everybody welcomes Spring…

Wonderful as it is to live in a country which has definite seasons, while Spring can be blissful for some, it’s absolute misery for others. For those of you who find Spring a misery, there is good news! You don’t have to suffer your allergies to pollen any longer! Our remedy of the month will sort you out.

Unlike other anti-histamines, when taking Pegasus Histamine Compound you can still work and drive as it doesn’t have the side-effect of making you sleepy.
Histamine Comp helps to reduce the irritating itchiness normally associated with allergies.
It helps to relieve all the Common “spring symptoms” some people experience due to pollen such as non-specific skin rashes, urticaria, red inflamed eyes, and other general allergic reactions.


Histamine Comp. 30c is a general anti-histamine for general allergic reactions. This remedy can be used in conjunction with the sinus remedy when there is an allergic component to sinus congestion. It has an anti-inflammatory action without the side effects of allopathic drugs. It will also calm the intense itchiness associated with allergies. It’s also very effective for bee sting allergies in combination with the sting remedy. ( never mix the remedies) Take an hour apart or you can dose more frequently in emergencies.

Hay Fever 6c is the remedy of choice for typical hay fever symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes,nose and palate, streaming watery discharges from eyes and nose. This remedy will also not cause drowsiness.

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Yours in homeopathic health!

Homeopathic Pharmacist B.Pharm (Rhodes) MPS