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Blog: Spring Feelings

That Spring Feeling!


We all know the joys of Spring, the feeling of warmer weather on its way at last, the energy of new growth in nature and summer days ahead. But for some of us,  it’s a time of misery too, as we suffer through red, swollen and streaming eyes, unbearably itchy noses, and sneezing multiple times during the day. 


We Decode Your Symptoms: Allergy, Hay Fever or Sinus?

What’s going on?  

Itchiness, irritation, redness, swelling, congestion – all key symptoms for allergies, hay fever and sinus but how to tell the difference so you choose the best remedy?  See below as we discuss symptoms and which remedies are indicated for specific conditions.

histamine comp 30C – can be a life-saver for most allergies and as well as relieving the symptoms of allergies such as itching, swelling and redness. An additional bonus is that it does not cause drowsiness or dry mouth, unlike many allopathic anti-histamine remedies. (This natural ‘anti-histamine’ will help build a ‘tolerance’ in the patient, towards the presenting antigen e.g: dust, pollen, cat hair, etc) The Keynote of this remedy is ITCHINESS!

This remedy is also effective for skin rashes, urticaria and itchy eczema (a skin rash triggered by a reaction to food, medicine or other irritants) chicken pox and shingles. ( For shingles add injury 6C  for nerve pain & inflammatory relief . Alternate the two remedies and include L-Lysine 1000mg twice daily)

Sinus congestion? If it’s triggered by an allergy, (i.e: not colds or flu) then use histamine comp 30C, in conjunction, alternating the two remedies hourly initially, then 2 hourly apart until symptoms are gone – great for headaches and relieving a post nasal drip. 

Don’t use more than 3 remedies a day and stop dosing when symptoms resolve.
EASY,SAFE AND EFFECTIVE- even during pregnancy and for babies.
Use Pegasus  hayfever 6C  remedy for sneezing, streaming watery discharges from (puffy) eyes and running nose, even itching in the eyes and ear canals. Other symptoms include itchy nose and an itchy palate.  An itchy palate is a very distinctive and important symptom as it most clearly indicates hay fever. People often ask when they should take hay fever or the histamine complex and an itchy palate is the condition that helps to make that decision. 
While symptoms are acute suck 3-5 pillules in a clean dry mouth every half an hour until relief is obtained thereafter every 2-4 hours as needed.

Of course your pets can have these exact same symptoms – but they can’t tell you so our Pegasus PET hayfever 6C is indicated if you notice symptoms of sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and palate, watery discharge from the nose and eyes.
If your cat exhibits signs of rhinotracheitis ( cold/flu & hayfever like symptoms) use snuffles complex 12 (for cats)
For allergy induced red, itchy & irritated skins, the Pegasus STING & ITCH 30C is ideal. Stinging, burning and itchy sensations in your animals, either as a result of insect bites and stings ( mosquitoes, fleas, bees, wasp, jellyfish, bluebottle stings) or grass and pollen allergies, are relieved by our pet remedy sting & itch 30C

Remember, regardless of the size of the animal (mouse, puppy or horse) it’s the SAME dose of 3-5 pillules. ( homeopathy is s a message to the body and frequency of the dose, is more important than actual amount.) So, initially dose as frequently as is practically possible, then slow down as see positive response and stop once seemingly well.

It’s cost effective (150 doses per bottle) and completely safe to use even with pregnant animals.  And good news is that the remedies never expire. 

Our pet remedies are available from Pet shops (Pet World, The Catbox Hypers, Queen Pet, Pet & Pool and Absolute Pets) SA Vetshops & Vet’s Pantry, and some pharmacies.