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We’ve just finished our last Mama Magic Show of the year so we’re celebrating babies. And who doesn’t love a baby! Whether it’s human or animal, furry or with feathers, we’re hard-wired to adore and take care of them.  They are so cute, cuddly and soft and so small and fragile…. It makes you feel you want to protect them and make them comfortable and feel safe and secure.  That’s exactly what Pegasus Homeopathics does so well – it’s such a gentle system of healing, easy, safe and effective. 
The Blue Box™ is a lovely gift for a stork tea/ baby shower or a gift for the whole family because EVERYBODY in the family can use it. And it’s a gift that lasts forever… it doesn’t expire and can be refilled!

And you can find a remedy for over 100 different pet ailments and conditions here. All our remedies are suitable for your fur babies too.