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The birth of a new baby is always a miracle and we are so pleased to be able to ease the way by helping you to be prepared for the birth process.

So many women feel fearful and helpless when it comes to giving birth. They are afraid of pain and being out of control.  Using the new Pegasus Maternity Kit, you can empower yourself by understanding what to expect and how best to prepare your body for labour and breastfeeding.



The Pegasus Maternity Kit offers remedies to assist at every stage: before labour, during labour and post-partum. An important point to remember is that the maternity kit is not just for natural birth but is equally helpful in the case of ceasarian section

The remedies take care of common conditions such as:

  • morning sickness
  • breach baby
  • back pain
  • post-natal depression
  • post-natal recuperation
  • milk production
  • mastitis (including nipple discomfort)
  • stretch marks
  • and so much more…