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Dr Hahnemann, the ‘Father of Homeopathy’, said “A healthy man,  will be healthy in a sewer” This translates into the fact that if one’s immune system is optimal, you’re far less likely to succumb to any viral or bacterial attack.

The Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE 6C  is a homeopathic remedy that ‘modulates’ the immune system to operate optimally and is therefore very useful in immune-compromised patients or for situations which present immunological challenges for example when flying internationally or for children in crèches/pre-primary etc
The Pegasus ANTI-VIRABAC 200C  is a homeopathic ‘antibiotic’ for both VIRAL & BACTERIAL infections
The Pegasus IMMUNE DEFENCE TINCTURE (IDR)– is a  TEN HERB COMPLEX , that stimulates the immune system.

Dosage for Maintenance: Both Anti-virabac and Immune Defence remedies  to be taken ONCE daily (15 min. apart) and the Liquid Tincture, 20 drops after food, ONCE daily.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Should ‘flu-like’ symptoms present, increase the dosage of the IMMUNE TINCTURE to THREE times daily and ALTERNATE the Anti-Virabac & Immune Defence every two hours

N.B. If a positive response is not seen within 36 hours or an aggravation occurs, consult your medical practitioner immediately.  



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