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Blog: Tips for Beating the Winter Blues


If you’re prone to the inevitable winter misery of colds and flu, sore throat and blocked up sinuses, we hope to change all that for you. We’ll give you a way to combat the winter blues with the Pegasus Blue Box!


First some quick tips: listen to your body. It may sound obvious but so few people actually do. The quicker your react to what your body is telling you, the quicker you will recover. So for instance, the moment you start sneezing, feeling a tickle in your throat, feeling feverish,  take a dose (4-5 pillules) of cold &  flu 30c ( It’s a smart idea to add 1000mg of vitamin C as well!)


The next tip:  be proactive.  Prevent your immune system from being compromised by taking immune defence 6c before you succumb to any viruses going round. (Particularly useful for young children attending Creches & Pre-Schools, which harbour a ‘cauldron’ of viruses and bacteria… immune defence 6c given in the morning before breakfast, will ‘modulate’ and optimize the immune system, throughout the ‘high risk’ winter months)


And here’s a tip that sounds counter-intuitive for winter: keep hydrated. One tends to cut down on water intake in winter – try to drink enough water (hot water and lemon is good!) as well as healthy herbal teas.