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Blog: Travelling light with peace of mind

Travelling light with peace of mind

We’ve collectively been through so much this year – needing to be resolute in the face of fear and steadfast in the face of the uncertain future. Life has been tough for many of us – but not impossible. We can still make space for joy and celebration in the forthcoming festive season, we can still gift others in a way that is both useful and meaningful.

The Pegasus BLUE BOX™ (Homeopathic ‘All-in-One’ first aid kit), is the ideal gift for a FAMILY, TRAVELLER and especially PREGNANT WOMEN – as it’s perfectly safe for mothers-to-be. Homeopathic remedies are safe to use for new-borns to the elderly, and even animals respond well!
If you’re fortunate enough to be able to take a break and go away during the holidays, this is where our “PHARMACY in a BOX” really shines as a travelling companion, particularly so when travelling away from your family doctor/homeopath…the remedies will treat over 100 common symptoms and conditions in just one compact, smart box.

The BLUE BOX™ comes with a handy little booklet that gives an overview of Homeopathy and the application of the remedies. (An easy-to-use cross reference at the back of the booklet, will guide you to match remedy to symptom.)

The remedies can also be bought as single (25g/150 doses) remedies, which act as refills for your kit, once certain remedies run out.

 It’s easy, safe, effective and affordable. There are no side effects. and it’s perfectly safe to use with allopathic medications as well as safe during pregnancy, breast feeding and for the new born infant.

Most importantly, unlike most allopathic drugs which usually treat just the symptom, homeopathy always strives to heal both the symptom as well as the cause


What’s Inside The BLUE BOX™?


There are 28 remedies in the BLUE BOX™ and a topical herbal antiseptic gel, retailing at around R1000 (This works out at just R35.00 per remedy!  Each bottle contains 10g which equates to 50 doses!  In addition, these remedies don’t expire which makes the BLUE BOX™ one of the most cost effective remedy solutions in the market place.

To help you even more, the BLUE BOX™ is nappi coded, meaning you can claim through your medical aid. It will come out of your savings…but think how visits to the doctor could potentially be avoided!
NB! We stress, that should a favourable response to symptoms not be seen within a reasonable period of time, or presenting symptoms get worse, PLEASE SEE YOUR HEALTH PRACTITIONER SOONEST.
 Some of the common remedies are –
GASTRIC PLUS 30C – Eaten something too rich or possibly even somewhat ‘off’? Deals with bloating, low grade nausea, belching and acid reflux/heartburn.
INJURY 6C – any injury; finger slammed in door, muscular spasm, back-ache (alternate with the ANTI-SPASM 200C), excellent for dental surgery and attends to both emotional shock of an accident and the physical trauma.
LIVER 30C – ideal for business ‘burn out’ after this hard, tough year… and ‘festive overindulgence’
N.V.D 30C – superb ‘travelling’ remedy… Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhoea
STING 30C – for the obvious bee, wasp, jelly-fish…but also any burning/stinging sensation, as in sunburn or hot water scald.
SLEEP 30C – post a busy year, this will aid in ‘re-establishing’ a healthy sleep pattern.
T.R.S.200C (Trauma, Rescue & Shock)…excellent ‘separation anxiety’ remedy…animals left at home with a carer or kennelled, where they pine or ‘howl at the moon’, as well as if you experience any ‘bad news/shock’

All the symptoms of stress are signals and messages from your body telling you it is under strain and life is just getting a bit too hectic to handle….When you’re trying to juggle too many balls,  in the midst of surviving Covid, kids writing exams, for example. Year ends generally are difficult,  but what a year 2020 has been! 

This is where homeopathy comes in, working energetically, as a catalyst to initiate healing.