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Homeopathy will only ever do to the body, that which the body will innately do, to heal itself and achieve good health.

Homeopathy is simply the ‘catalyst’ initiating the intrinsic healing ability of the body. In this way, homeopathy strives to treat both cause and symptom. 

No Diagnosis necessary

Unlike the usual medical practice, there is no need to diagnose and label the condition. Instead, one simply matches the correct remedy to the presenting symptoms, and the appropriate healing ‘messages’ are then perceived and understood by the body.

Pegasus uses complex remedies i.e. a number of remedies best known for their healing action for particular symptom clusters, are combined into one remedy.  This translates into a high success rate of healing in many patients.

In homeopathy, the patient, will respond only to those particular remedies, specific to his or her symptoms. 

Broad application

Each remedy may be used  for a number of different ailments e.g. sting 30C  is remedy for any stinging sensation, whether from bee, wasp or jelly fish sting to a hot water scald and even severe sunburn. 

Safe, easy and effective

Safe to use for new born babies, pregnant ladies, breast-feeding moms. Even perfectly safe and effective to use for your pets.

Impossible to overdose

Each remedy dose (3-5 pillules in a clean mouth), is a message of healing to the body, it’s not a chemical drug. Thus, as sometimes has happened,  a child may consume most of, if not the entire bottle content and happily, only one message has been sent…short term hyperglycaemia but no harm!

Nice and sweet- easy to take

No need to persuade your child to take homeopathic remedies as they are small and sweet (sucrose) pillules which they generally love. In the case of DIABETIC PATIENTS, we suggest just 3 pillules per dose, to limit the ‘sugar’ ingestion. The remedies are designed for short term use, thus the beneficial effects far outweigh the slight increase in blood glucose….and diabetics, must simply be more stringent in avoiding other ‘hyperglycaemic/sugary’ substances.

Safe with allopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies work at a completely different level on the body to chemical drugs. This is useful to us because there are cases where a patient may be on anti-epileptic , anti-depressant or other drugs, where further allopathic medication will cause serious side effects/ drug interractions, thus limiting taking of additional OTC (over the counter) medications.

The Pegasus remedies, being of fairly high potency, are absolutely  safe for chronically medicated patients. 


Cost effective healthcare

We are facing challenging times in difficult economic situations, limited medical aid benefits, trying to stretch our savings plan to cover medication for the whole year.  Here’s an example of how Pegasus Homeopathy can help you save on medication: 

You can treat a  diarrhoea episode, generally within 3-5 doses of the Pegasus n.v.d 30C (Nausea, Vomiting & Diarrhoea) remedy. There are 150 doses in a 25g bottle.

Does not expire

Another way you save with homeopathic remedies is that they don’t expire (as long as they are kept dry and away from strong aromatics such as peppermint or coffee). Being ‘energetic’ medicines, they are long lasting, thus cost effective.

Quick and easy absorption

Absorption takes place in the buccal mucosa of the mouth. You don’t need water – you can just pop 3-5 pillules into the mouth – and suck them for rapid absorption and ‘message transmission’. (The 10g travel size, giving 50 doses, is also very handy for sports people- you can easily pop it in your pocket and use when necessary) eg: injury 6C, headache 30C etc.