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The Pegasus Maternity Kit has been carefully designed for ease of use and covers common conditions and symptoms encountered during pregnancy, leading up to birth, during labour and post-partum.  Each remedy deal with the physical, emotional and mental aspects in both mom and baby.


There are 8 homeopathic remedies and a topical oil, to facilitate a healthy pregnancy term, ease the labour process and enhance recovery in both natural birth and caesarian section.

The remedies will not interfere or interact with allopathic drugs, should they be used in conjunction and will limit the duration and ‘intensity’ of chemical drugs necessary.

The remedies/kit does not expire, making it most cost effective.

 The Pegasus Maternity Kit comprises the following remedies:

  1. The V.M.T (Vertigo, Morning & Travel Sickness): encountered in early stage pregnancy
  2. The Pregnancy Remedy: taken from 30th week – prepares the body for labour
  3. The Birthing Remedy: taken in last 2 weeks – leading into labour
  4. The Postnatal remedy: for rapid recovery from bruising, swelling, inflammation, after labour, both natural and C-section births
  5. The Postnatal ‘Blues’ Remedy: for post-natal stress/depression
  6. The Lactation Remedy: stimulates production of breast milk
  7. The Mastitis Remedy: for breast engorgement, inflammation, pain, including nipple discomfort 
  8. Haematonic 200C: Blood Tonic/Recuperative
  9. The Renewal Oil (Topical):  soothing, healing to perineum and stretch marks

Every Mother-to-be should have one!