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Blog: When Pleasures Turn into Pressures


…merry?  We would love that.  But are we?

If you’re like most of us, you’re madly trying to wind up the year’s final work projects, while at the same time planning festivities with friends and family, but also worrying about family dynamics, stressing about buying the right gifts, (see below for a great, economical gifting idea) navigating the crowded malls and traffic (the roads seem already clogged, and load shedding isn’t helping) and feeling merry, frankly, is a bit of a wishful dream!

As you may know, all this anxiety triggers the body to produce stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.  

Our heart rate and breathing increases, our blood pressure is raised, we get pale or flushed, our pupils dilate for better vision and we may tremble (muscles tensed for action).  While we may not be in any physical danger, our psyche is sending a message to our body to be on the alert, as if we need to prepare to fight or flee danger.

This stress can be prolonged, resulting in ‘out of character’ behaviour where you find yourself being snappy, irritable for ‘no good reason’ and easily triggered into anger. You don’t ‘feel yourself’.

When excess stress hormones are released too often, your stress response forgets how to shut down. Your stress gains traction and suddenly you’re caught in a chronic cycle. This is known as over-adrenalization.

Pegasus Homeopathics is excellent for physical symptoms but it’s just as effective for mental and emotional symptoms and can help calm the nervous system during stressful times.


When there’s so much going, so many demands being made on your time and energy, it’s easy for something that should be a pleasure (spending time with family and friends, attending social events, parties etc) turn into what feels like a pressure.

It’s at this time that Pegasus calming 30C can assist by helping you gain a state of mind that gives you the best chance of feeling good.  This remedy takes the edge off stressful situations, helping to calm and steady your nervous system allowing you to be present and cope.

Calming 30C contains many of the elements in herbal remedies such as passiflora and valerian but in homeopathic doses. Calming 30C also contains chamomilla  (referred to as the ‘opium of homeopathy’) . The wonderful thing about Calming 30C however, is that it calms and relaxes in a way which still allows you to be mentally alert and present when taken in the day time; and only induces ‘sleepiness’ when taken at night with the intention to sleep.

It’s effective even for severe anxiety and panic attacks, is non-habit forming and won’t make you feel drowsy as a side effect.


It is a time for exchanging gifts for many, and what better gift to give than the gift of health and wellbeing, anywhere, anytime.

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