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trs 200C is THE remedy for shock, whether purely emotional or from falling off your bicycle, where both physical trauma and emotional shock occur.  IF there has been bad news, the Ignatia within the remedy, is the ideal ‘grief remedy’.  The patient deals with loss in a real but manageable way.

Also excellent for separation anxiety eg: children moving to live overseas, a mother just bonding with her baby and having to go back to work while the infant is sent to creche or granny. (Both mom and baby can take this remedy together). 

Even giving up smoking is aided by this remedy, helping the patient to ‘let go’.  
And if one of your animals is bitten, has been injured or a stressful event is happening (visit to the vet? Travelling?) give them a dose too of Pegasus for Pets trs 200C (and while you’re about it, give yourself a dose or two as well)