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Blog: Why Opioids are best avoided during labour & what are the alternatives? Part 3




When there are problems in post- partum recovery, opioids and other drugs should be avoided where possible to prevent your new born absorbing chemical compounds through breast feeding.  Here are 8 helpful remedies for common post- partum conditions:


  1. Arnica montana 200C – deals with bruising, swelling and tissue trauma post birth, including bleeding. It also addresses tissue degeneration, muscle strain and shock.
  2. Bellis perennis 6C- is excellent for injury to deep tissue, especially after surgical work. Muscular soreness, nerve injury and bruises all respond well to this remedy.
  3. Hypericum 200C – is known as the “Arnica of the Nerves” and is thus excellent for injury involving the nerves. This makes it an ideal post- caesarian section remedy where a nerve rich area has been cut.
  4. Rhus. tox 6C – is useful where fibrous tissue is affected  e.g. ligaments, joints and tendons. Also, in conditions where pain and stiffness result.
  5. Ruta grav. 6C- is the remedy of choice for painful, bruised, sprained and overstrained conditions. The remedy acts on cartilage and  flexor tendons.
  6. Staphisagria 30C – works directly on nerves, the genito-urinary organs and perineum. It’s an effective remedy for squeezing, smarting and stinging pains which feel as if you have been cut. It’s the remedy to use if all muscles seem bruised and painful, if there are urinary difficulties after a severe labour, if there are sharp shooting pains felt in the ovaries, if the patient is exquisitely sensitive to pressure and there is spasmodic pain in vulva and vagina.  Often, there’s an accompanying over-sensitivity to noise, taste and odours which are reacted to with irritability.
  7. Calendula 30C- is excellent in the recovery of a caesarian section, where pain feels excessive and out of all proportion. It’s also helpful with exhaustion from loss of blood and pain. This remedy is indicated when there’s sensation of weight and fullness in pelvis with pain in the uterine region. (A warm solution saturated on a sponge and applied post-delivery, will give great comfort – rupture of cervix and perineum during childbirth – and cracked nipples will also be relieved)
  8. China 30C- corrects debility of exhaustion from loss of vital fluids (during haemorrhages, excessive sweating, over-lactation etc.) i.e. it rehydrates optimally. It also addresses an excessive sensitivity of nervous system; sight, smell, taste and hearing too acute and relieves congestion of the uterus; when there’s a sensation of fullness, pressing, heaviness with painful bearing down to pelvis, vulva and anus.


This brings to an end the 3 part series on avoiding opioids and alternative remedies during labour, birth and post-partum. We’re excited to be working on The Pegasus Maternity Kit, which will potentially incorporate nine complexed remedies ie: Birth Prep Remedy, The Birthing Remedy, The Post-Partum remedy, The Post-Partum ‘Blues’ Remedy, The Lactation Remedy, The Mastitis Remedy, The V.M.T.(Vertigo, Morning & Travel Sickness), Haematonic 200C (Blood Tonic/Recuperative) and The Renewal Oil (Topical soothing, healing to perineum and stretch marks) Pegasus hopes to launch this brand extension by the end of August 2018. So, watch this space for new developments!