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In our 9th episode, Ian Wheeler talks to Saskia V of Mix 93.8 FM  about the launch of the new Pet Range. There are 24 remedies in the range. Ian discusses the difference between the Aggression remedy and the Calming remedy and describes key behavior cues to watch for in your pets to determine which remedy to use when.


There are also 2 Pet skin remedies: Dermatitis complex is for more serious skin disorders, Use the Sting & Itch remedies for generalized itching and insect stings. Arthritis is an excellent remedy for aging dogs who are struggling to get on and off the couch (if they’re allowed on!) or dragging their hind quarters and for general joint pain. An injury is the remedy of choice for puncture injuries (eg: dog bites, fences) in conjunction with the Pegasus Herbal Topical Antiseptic Solution which is very gentle and soothing

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Ian will be talking to Saskia every Monday and Wednesday until mid-February at 12 30 pm. On Mondays, Ian will be discussing specific ailments and which homeopathy remedies are most helpful and on Wednesdays. Ian and Saskia will be talking about general homeopathy principles and educating listeners on how it works. He’s also going to be on Magic828AM  in Cape Town.


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